Artist's Statement


Living in Maine provides  an endless variety of landscapes.  Color and mood are expressed in the patterns and places that surround us.  Mary seeks to bring those elements onto the canvas so that we all can share the beauty.

Color and form were also a part of her working career.  After graduating from Michigan State in design, she practiced in Portland architectural offices for 25 years.

Mary exhibited oils and acrylics in stores and public institutions.  She studied painting with Janet Conlon, Tina Ingraham, Sarah Knock, Charles Sovek, Frank Webb, Jon Imber, Diane Dalke, Don Demers, Carolyn Walton and Phillip Frey.

Currently, you may view six paintings that are hung in the main dining room of the Harraseeket Inn in Freeport, Maine.

 And,  you are welcome to visit my studio in Freeport.